I felt like eating butter cookies today and decided to bake sablés, a French shortbread cookie.

Butter. Shortbread. Cookie. Coffee.  AWWWW.

^ Sablés are NOT supposed to look like that!

My cookies turned out looking completely blah.  Mis-shapened when they are supposed to be round. Brown when they are supposed to be a light shade of buttery-yellow according to the photo in the recipe book.  And there are all these fissure-like lines on the top of the cookies.  Something must have gone wrong somewhere.

Okay, never mind how they look, at least the cookies are edible and crumbly.

Growing up, I loved eating butter cookies. Remember the Royal Dansk Danish butter cookies that come in a round, blue tin with an assortment of 5 cookies? My grandmother always had a tin of those lying somewhere in the house.

Amongst the 5 cookies, my favourite has always been the round cookie, the light colored one (I would steal all of them in every new tin of biscuits that we had in the house), followed by the swirly-shaped cookie and the square-shaped one.

I didn’t like the Pretzel-shaped cookie (no idea why but it might have to do with the fact that I am not fond of Pretzels) and the other round cookie which is darker in colour (this one tasted odd – I think it had coconut in it, or was it something else) and tried not to eat them if I could help it.

I should look out for Royal Dansk butter cookies the next time I visit the supermarket.  Stick a tin in my office, instead of Ferrero Rochers.   They are equally fattening anyway.

Baking Sables
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