photo L1000792-150322-v2__zpsg11uscrp.jpgWe came to this coffee shop at 7 Crane Road for roti prata last Sunday.  Increasingly, it is getting harder to find these traditional coffee-shops in Singapore.  You still see them around, but the numbers are dwindling.  Many have closed down, or have been converted into restaurants, or  modern, air-conditioned food courts.  

When I was a kid, I shunned these coffeeshops.  I wanted to go to air-conditioned places like KFC or MacDonalds. I was quite a snooty little brat. I found these coffee-shops unhygienic, especially in those days when every table had a spittoon (containing all sorts of unmentionables) underneath.  I always felt extremely uncomfortable in these places.  I was worried that a lizard or cockroach would find its way up my legs, so much so that I would sit with both feet on the chair, much to my mom’s displeasure.  And I made sure that I have no reason to visit the lavatory in the coffeeshops by refusing to drink water or soup.  I would rather die that use those dirty lavatories!  

Dark and warm, mosaic tiled floors and walls, marble-top tables, crickety wooden chairs, (yes) the spittoon under the tables, huge ceiling fans.  This is how the coffeeshops of my generation looked like.  

 photo L1000794-150322-v2__zpsrzir63pc.jpgThe roti prata man – I am always fascinated by how he manages to work the dough into a thin round shape by swinging it in a circular motion in mid-air, then folds the sides to make a square, before placing it on the hot girdle.

I drop by Joo Chiat quite frequently for meals, but never knew there was an incredibly popular roti prata stall – Mr & Mrs Moghan’s Super Crispy Prata – in that area.  We waited close to an hour on a Sunday morning.  Very good prata, crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside.  But…I cannot repeat the one-hour wait again.

 photo L1000787-150322-v2__zps5gcvzjx4.jpg photo L1000786-150322-v2__zpswvwo5vak.jpgOld-school wantan noodles.  Simple and delicious.  We ate a plate to tide us over the hunger pangs while waiting for our roti prata to arrive.

Mr and Mrs Moghan’s Super Crispy Prata
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