We had steamed pomfret for dinner last night.  Today, I had Japanese sashimi and unagi for lunch followed by Korean hwe dup (a cold, spicy sashimi salad) and spicy pollack stew for dinner. 

Fish overload.

Tonight, we had dinner at Bukang Tuna, a Japanese-style Korean restaurant at Red Dot Museum which we have walked past countless of times but not gone in. 

I have been dying to check out the place because the restaurant looks like it specialises in sashimi and fish-based stews such as spicy codfish stew, globefish stew, spicy pollack stew and some other non-spicy fish stews.  I can’t stop thinking about the flatfish sashimi that I have been seeing on the menu whenever I walk past the restaurant.

It is the first time that I’ve eaten hwe dup and it is delicious!  I love that it is cold and spicy-saltish-sweet, has thick slices of raw flatfish and loads of crunchy, julienned cucumber, radish and seaweed.  The dish is so refreshing to eat on a warm day. 

And I couldn’t keep my eyes off the huge platters of tuna sashimi that the folks at the table next to us were feasting on.

We are (at least, I am) definitely going back again and again!  Good thing that they have beef bulgogi on the menu so that TBH doesn’t starve while I stuff my face with raw fish.

Hwe Dup

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