1. Hearing the trumpet

I used to play the trumpet when I was in secondary school. I spent four years in the school military band. Those were the best years of my life – every day was filled with joy, purpose and camaraderie.

I did not choose to play the trumpet. I wanted to play the flute because the instrument looked so graceful and dainty. I was assigned the trumpet by my seniors and loved it from that moment onwards. The trumpet produces such sonorous and melodic sounds.

2. Teh Tarik

Piping hot Indian-Muslim frothy milk tea. Sweet and savoury.

3. Sunflowers

Besides their bright yellow cheery-looking flowers, sunflowers remind me of my late grandpa and my childhood. He used to grow sunflowers in the garden of the house that we lived in. I used to pretend to harvest sunflower seeds by breaking off the flower heads and removing the seeds when the flowers were dry. Never failed to get a huge beating from my grandmother for destroying the flowers.

Gratitude Prompt #1: What are the 3 things that always make you smile?

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