My fridge has been smelling really bad for a week or so. Everytime we open the fridge, we have this funny seawater-ish smell going up our nostrils. For a while, I thought the foul smell was a mixture of kimchi and everything else that was in the fridge. But I couldn’t exactly pinpoint its origins.

Okay, my fridge WAS crammed full of stuff so it wasn’t easy trying to find something, let alone the origins of a foul smell.

I finally had it today.

I cleared everything out of the fridge and could finally see what was causing the smell. A leaking bag containing an uncooked sea cucumber that my mother-in-law had given me some time back. There was a tiny puntured hole in the plastic bag and the liquid in the bag had seeped out, dripped down the sides of the fridge, hardened and bits of it were stuck to the sides of the fridge. Took me quite a while to remove the gunk.

There was so much stuff in the fridge that I do not remember buying. Like maple syrup. When did I buy maple syrup? And why would I buy that? I hate maple syrup. Why do I have two bottles of balsamic vinegar? Three boxes of blueberries?

Anyway, I did plenty of cleaning up and become reacquainted with my fridge again. Threw away foodstuffs which had expired, re-packed all the dried foodstuff neatly in containers and re-arranged how the items are kept in the fridge. Love my extremely neat fridge now. Lets see how long this clutter-free state lasts.

I really have to stop buying things on a whim, and to check what’s in the fridge before I do my grocery shopping. I also have to consciously use the stuff that I already have instead of adding to the clutter.

So I made blueberry muffins again. One box down. Two more to go.


Blueberry Muffins & Sea Cucumber Gunk

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