I love the spicy Korean seafood stew known as haemultang. Each bubbling hotpot comes with a chockfull of clams, mussels, octopus, prawns and tiny crabs. I don’t really care for the seafood. All I care about is the hearty and flavourful broth.

One of the places that I like to go to for Korean seafood stew is this small-ish eatery hidden in one of the back alleys of Myeongdong called Myeongdong Eomeonijip (translated as ‘Myeongdong Granny’s House’). We usually go there during dinner-time, the time when the eatery is crowded and jam-packed with lots of diners. We practically have to sit elbow-to-elbow with the diners at the same table as us.

Myeongdong Eomeonijip’s seafood stew is very yummy and reasonably priced for two persons. Besides the seafood stew, I also like to order my other favourite Korean seafood dish – cold marinated crab (called ganjang gejang) at the eatery. Their ganjang gejang is excellent, fresh and the crab comes with lots of cholesterol-laden roe.

I don’t really know how to describe the directions to get to Myeongdong Eomonijip. All I can say is that it is in one of the back alleys of the main shopping street in Myeongdong. Best to locate the eatery using Google Maps and look for the store-front in the photo above.

Myeongdong Eomeonijip

Address: 100-809  11-6, Myeongdong 8-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul

Myeongdong Eomeonijip – Yummy Korean Seafood Stew

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