Chen Ji Oyster & Intestine Vermicelli

Taiwanese oyster meesua is one of my favourite things to eat. During my earliest visits to Taipei, I ate a bowl of oyster meesua every day from Taipei’s well-known Ah Zong brand. Back then, I only knew of Ah Zong oyster meesua and was very happy with their version. I have fond memories of standing outside Ah Zong’s Ximending outlet, tucking into a huge bowl of oyster meesua with tons of other customers. There were no seats in that outlet.

During my last trip to Taipei with a group of friends, I discovered Chen Ji oyster meesua. I came across it in a food blog and decided to give this shop a try. Best decision ever.

Chen Ji Oyster & Intestine Vermicelli
Shot with iPhone 7+

Wow, the flavour of Chen Ji’s oyster meesua is outstanding. You have the option of adding fresh oysters and/or braised pig’s intestines to your bowl of meesua. Or you can ask for a bigger portion of either. You can also opt out of both and just eat the noodles which are very good on its own.

Chen Ji also gives you a huge dollop of minced garlic (and a generous helping of vinegar) which enhances the flavour of the meesua by many notches. The braised pig’s intestines were tender and flavourful. It was so delicious – I was glad I had asked for an additional portion for my order.

Chen Ji Oyster & Intestine Vermicelli
Shot with iPhone 7+

Looking at a photo of this bowl of delicious-ness is making me drool. Till the next time I see you again in Taipei.

Chen Ji Oyster & Intestine Vermicelli (陳記專業蚵仔麵線)

Address: No. 166, Sec. 3, Heping W. Rd., Taipei 108, Taiwan

Chen Ji Oyster & Intestine Vermicelli – Awesome Oyster Meesua in Taipei
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