I am in the process of re-organizing all my digital photos taken over the years which are stored in various external storage mediums.  I haven’t been labelling the folders containing my photos diligently and they are now in a complete mess.  Quite a number of the folders have only a ‘date description’ which means that I have to open them up one by one to see what photos are stored in them.

When I opened this folder labelled as “101_PANA”, I realise that it contains photos of our trip to Japan in November 2006.  BUT.  I see only photos of the second half of our trip and I have no idea where I kept the photos of the first half of the trip.   (TBH always wonders aloud that he is amazed I haven’t been sacked from my job, given how awfully disorganised I am most of the time.)


Browsing through the folder, I see photos of maple leaves in brilliant autumn colours, which I had taken in the island of Miyajima.  Experiencing the beauty of autumn for the first time in my life (and on my birthday), I recall being stunned by the breathtakingly beautiful red, orange and yellow hues in front of me.  I did not want to leave Miyajima.

I remember reading this lovely quote by Albert Camus, the French philosopher:

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.

I wanted to bring some autumn leaves home as a momento.  I could always use the dried leaves as bookmarks.  The funny thing was that I simply could not find a nice maple leaf on the ground that had not yet turned brown or did not have holes in them.  And TBH wouldn’t let me pluck any leaves from the trees.  No momentos for me.

Sometimes, I wish we had different seasons in Singapore.  I could do without spring and winter but having autumn would be perfect. 

Enough of reminiscing.  Now, I have to hunt for the missing photos.  Like the ones taken in Seoul during the summer of 2008.

The First Time I Saw Autumn
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