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I am very fond of fruit tarts. My earliest memories of fruit tarts are the ones sold in Delifrance.   I ate these tarts very often when I was in junior college, at a time when a tart costs $1.80.  I used to hang out with my classmates at the Delifrance in Parkway Parade, when we had time in between classes or after classes, socialising over croissants, tarts and sodas.  The tarts were not too expensive then and I could still afford the indulgence with my allowance.  

Last week, I came across a frangipane tart recipe on a blog known as Jo The Tart Queen.   She topped some of her frangipane tarts with macerated strawberries and others with orange and grapefruit slices.  Since I had a packet of ground almond sitting in my kitchen, I decided to try baking a frangipane tart topped with macerated strawberries using the instructions here.

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The tart turned out quite well.  The smells of the sweet tart dough coming out of the oven were wonderful.  I wish I was less clumsy with the sifting of snow sugar over the tart.

I am going to try making the tart with grapefruit and orange slices next, in a rectangular 14-inch pan.


Frangipane Tart With Macerated Strawberries
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