Due to the iffy weather, we abandoned plans to go for an early morning walk at Hortpark and headed to Oriole Cafe and Bar at the Pan Pacific Serviced Suites for brunch.  

The cloudy weather today was perfect for an alfresco brunch.

I love Oriole’s piccolo latte (which is expresso with milk).  I usually avoid lattes because there is just not enough coffee in it for me.   But the piccolo latte manages to be strong and milky, without losing the bitter taste of coffee.  Two sips of it killed my late-night migraine.

Today, I had their raisin scone with blueberry jam and clotted cream (the REAL thing and not whipped cream).  I slattered the scone with loads of cream and jam and eating it made me so HAPPY!

It is almost impossible to find a place in Singapore that serves scones with clotted cream.   I thought Oriole’s scone was not too bad but I prefer the scones served at Royal Copenhagen (which unfortunately, does not come with clotted cream). 

^ My other course of creamy scrambled eggs with smoked salmon on a thick slice of toast. 

^ TBH’s Welsh Rarebit.


Raisin Scone With Clotted Cream & Jam

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