Milkshakes from Once Upon A Milkshake. Courtesy of Groupon!


I have recently joined the Groupon craze, turning into what some people term as ‘a Groupon aunty’, one who is constantly on the prowl for cheap deals.  A fellow Groupon-addict friend tells me that she gets mildly depressed whenever her ‘Groupon inventory runs low…’!

Most of the Groupons that I have purchased so far relate to food (such as Meritus Mandarin’s Christmas log cake and salmon yusheng, shabu-shabu meat from Four Seasons Gourmet Market) and services (such as massages).

I think the Groupon deals are quite good, especially if they relate to those F&B outlets which you frequent or would like to try out as well as services which you usually purchase or is thinking about purchasing.  I like OUAM milkshakes alot so this Groupon was a MUST-BUY for me.  I still have another three OUAM Groupons – now that there is an outlet which is five minutes from my home, it is so convenient to go out and indulge my cravings for OUAM with these Groupons.

I look forward to checking my iPhone Groupon app every morning to see what kind of deals are up for grabs.  Hmmmm, should I get the Komala’s Restaurant Groupon, or not…?

Peekture: OUAM Milkshakes
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