A lovely box of Dalloyau macarons from C who bought me this in Tokyo.  And the macarons come individually wrapped!

With a 200 year (or is it 400…?) history, Dalloyau is one of France’s oldest and most respected maison de gastronomie and they created the infamous Opera cake (or Gâteau L’opéra ).  I read that the cake was named as a tribute to an Opera prima ballerina. 

I love the Opera cake which comprises several layers of Joconde biscuit soaked in coffee syrup and garnished with coffee butter cream and chocolate ganache. 

I remember Illy making the cake last year at my place – it was ALOT of work making the cake but the end-product was delicious!  I can actually say that I helped to assemble the Gâteau L’opéra (which is being the go-fetch girl for the patissier)!

I doubt I will have a chance to try Dalloyau’s Opera cake anytime soon, so my best bet is to head to Hilton Hotel for a slice.

Macarons From Dalloyau

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