The penultimate post of our holiday in Sri Lanka that is 3 months overdue!

The last stop in our holiday was Galle where we would stay 3 days and 2 nights at the Fortress Hotel. The 6-hour drive from Kandy to Galle was just too much for me. I was dying to haul my old bag of bones into the bathtub and soak myself in a hot bubbly bath till my skin resembles a wrinkled prune. We were looking forward to a complete R&R in the resort where we could chill out all day long. And a massage to work out all the kinks in my back and my arse.

Fortress Hotel is a 20-minute drive south of Galle town, at Koggala.

 photo Galle-0391-130214_zps5dff999b.jpg

Fortress Hotel is stunning. We were given an ocean view room and this is the scenery that we woke up to in the morning. Though I get a bit nervous thinking about what happens if a tsunami turns up…

 photo Galle-0274-130213_zps4f6582aa.jpg

The hotel is built to resemble a fortress.  This huge wooden door does look a little like one of those seen in Game Of Thrones.

 photo Galle-0276-130213_zpsbe994134.jpg

 photo Galle-0267-130213_zpsee10cfad.jpg

 photo Galle-0430-130214_zps02f0666b.jpg

 photo Galle-0438-130214_zps08b475d8.jpg

The infinity pool which we did not use.  I could never understand why people enjoy sunbathing next to the pool.  I’d rather sit in the bath-tub.

 photo Galle-001-130214_zps2ead937e.jpg

At sunset.

 photo Galle-0439-130214_zps31047595.jpg

 photo Galle-0273-130213_zps2a616d0b.jpg

 photo Galle-0435-130214_zps6c03fafe.jpg

The area where the hotel makes pizzas.

 photo Galle-0419-130214_zps3747e7a1.jpg

I have no idea what was this fella doing then but he attracted quite a bit of attention with folks who had a camera hung around their neck.  A group of people were snapping away at him and he seemed oblivious to the fact that he was a photography subject against the sea and the morning sky as a backdrop.  A pretty good one, I must say.

 photo Galle-0436-130214_zps725a88bd.jpg

I wanted to explore this part of the beach but it was not accessible from the hotel.  There were a group of fishermen who were stick-fishing – sitting on sticks while fishing – and I wanted to take a closer look at them.  This is the traditional way of fishing for the fishermen living in that area.

 photo Galle-0263-130213_zpsd978fc0e.jpg

This is our room on the second storey of the hotel.  I realised, after coming home, that I didn’t take any photographs of the room…

 photo Galle-0386-130213_zpseeeef27c.jpg

Except for the bathroom.


Sri Lanka: Fortress Hotel In Galle
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