It has been a while since I did any sewing or crocheting. I have been learning to enjoy a slower pace during the weekends instead of doing everything that comes to my mind maniacally.  This is the case whenever I start on a new crafting project.

I wanted to start picking up the sewing needle again, or the crochet hook again. I told myself to break the process up into very small chunks to work on every day or every other day.  This way, I make some progress everyday but without sacrificing time to work on the other items on my to-do list.

I really like working with my hands ‘cos it has a calming effect on me. The level of concentration required in crocheting or sewing stops my brain from wandering into all sorts of places that create anxiety.  Plus, creating something increases my happy hormones.

My cushion covers are all hand-made, sewn using 100% cotton fabric and measure 16″ x 16″.  Perfect as a customised gift for my friends and family.  A cushion insert from Ikea fits the cover perfectly.

English Paper Piecing: Square Quilted Cushion
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