Some months back, I stumbled on The Happiness Project, written by Gretchen Rubin, on the Overdrive app (an excellent app that allows you to borrow and read ebooks from the National Library on your iPad).

Without going into too many details, the book is a memoir about the author’s experimental project to improve her level of happiness over a period of 12 months using a series of prompts. The book was published ten years ago but I have only recently heard of it.

While The Happiness Project received mixed reviews on Amazon, I enjoyed reading it so much I went on to borrow her other books – Better Than Before and Happier At Home. They were all good fun reads and I felt personally inspired by her ideas and concepts.

So this year, I decided to sign up for a community-based personal Happiness Project where I am supposed to create my own prompt and resolution driven project. Will write more about that soon. Time to go to sleep.

The Happiness Project
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