Mom and I spotted these chopsticks during our Chinatown walkabout yesterday. 

^ Chopsticks bearing Chinese surnames

^ Chopsticks imprinted with animals of the Chinese zodiac sign

I found them quite cute and I liked the eye-catching colours. Mom said that it’s auspicious to buy new chopsticks during CNY so I did. Bought four pairs of chopsticks – one pair each with our respective surnames ‘Chen‘ and ‘Shen‘ and another two pairs with our respective zodiac signs.  Mom also bought two pairs with the surnames of my dad and hers.

I have heard of couple t-shirts, couple bowls, couple watches, couple-whatever.   Perhaps we can call these our couple chopsticks.

Ewwwwwwwwww.  Couple chopsticks – what a vomit-inducing term.  Please let me throw up!  BRB! 🙂

Couple Chopsticks
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