I have been thinking about 2011 and all it has brought me. I am not good at penning down my innermost thoughts. I struggle with articulating how I feel about many things, or things I mull about in my private space.

If I could sum up what 2011 represents, it would be ‘learning to let go’, especially when life throws curveballs at you, when things don’t go the way according to plan no matter how hard you try, or when answers to questions that you seek so don’t seem to come to you no matter how hard you try.

I figured that it is okay to stop controlling the rudder, let it go, drift abit and see where the flow of life takes me. The search for answers is probably a life-long process, and any answers might not turn up within a specific time-frame, or in an epiphany, if they do at all. What am I gonna do? Mope and mull for the rest of my life…and become a sad old prune?

Perhaps, I should stop looking inwards for answers, but outwards, by savouring the small and simple pleasures of life, which one tends to miss when you are constantly looking out for that epiphanic moment which will give you the last piece of puzzle to life’s big question.

On this note, I am starting 2012 feeling a bit less lost than 2011. And I am taking with me this new resolution into 2012, which is ‘be grateful’, and if I may set a goal for myself, it would be to say at the end of 2012 that it has been an incredible year for me.

I did say I am quite incoherent at expressing my thoughts. 🙂

Looking back at 2011, I have done some things which I didn’t actually think I would get around to doing. I took a sabbatical. I committed to completing one year of Japanese language studies at Bunka, and I did. I took the JLPT N4 exam. If I fail the exam, I will re-take it in July this year. I had some photographs published in a Jeju newspaper. Small things, but I shouldn’t discount their significance in my life right?

And yeah, I resigned and at the eleventh hour, decided to stay on for a while longer.

I took a few small trips this year to Chiangmai, Hanoi, Bangkok and Tokyo. Nowhere exotic or very far, but Chiangmai and Hanoi are new places which I have always wanted to go while Tokyo is a city which I could go repeatedly and still find more and more things to see and do.

Ohhh, last but not least, I got to see DBSK live 🙂 Not all of them, but certainly very happy with the two whom I saw.

Looking Back At 2011
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