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Churro 101.  Better than a boyfriend, is what it says.  I am not sure if I agree with the tagline, but the churros are by far the best that I have eaten.  I am not a fan of churros, mostly because the ones that I have tried so far (outside Spain and with the exception of the ones that my friend make) were not good, at least to me.  I could never understand why people love this deep-fried, sugar-coated dough.  But now I do.  I totally get it.

I was ambling along the main road (somewhere in Hongdae) at 10.30am, waiting for the Coffee Lab to open, when I saw a signage for Churro 101.  The shop was located on the second floor of a nondescript building, facing away from the main road.  I would have completely missed it, if not for the bright yellow awning.  It was closed for business till 12pm.

Having eaten at a number of restaurants serving Western food in Seoul, I have more often than not walked away feeling terribly dissatisfied, I had my doubts about Churro 101.  I don’t even like churros, so what in the world am I doing thinking about dropping into a churros bar, in Seoul, of all places?  But for some reason, something at the back of my mind urged me to check the place out after I have had my expresso fix.

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I entered the shop and gasped at how cute the place was. I plopped myself on the blue chair at the far end of the cafe so that I could have a good view of the churros making process.

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While waiting for my churros to be made, I lounged on this Victorian boudoir chair and browsed magazines on the bookshelves. It is wonderful to have the entire cafe to myself!

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He gave me two complimentary churros – one was filled with vanilla cream and the other was filled with chocolate. Both were very delicious but I preferred the plain, sugar-coated one the best.

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Address: Churro 101 is located along the same street as the Coffee Prince, at Wausan-ro 29-gil, in Hongdae. If you approach the Coffee Prince cafe from Wausan-ro 29-gil from the top of the slope, you will see the cafe on your left. Churro 101 is further down the road, but on the opposite side.

Edit: I have finally learnt how to use Google Maps and embed one into my post! 🙂 Churro 101 is marked in green and the Coffee Prince Cafe is marked in red.

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Seoul: Churro 101 In Hongdae
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  • Jun 3, 2013 at 5:21 pm

    That looks divine. And what a beautiful shop too!

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