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Seoul: Gorilla In The Kitchen

I read about Bae Yong Joon’s celebrity restaurant in Seoul, and decided to check it out. Gorilla In the Kitchen is located in Dosan Park, a memorial park for independence activist known as An Chang-ho, which is in the Gangnam area.

Who knows…? I might run into some Korean celebrities. 🙁



I spent one afternoon by myself, chilling out in the restaurant over a cup of coffee and my iPad. It is located in pretty surroundings, in a modern cement-and-glass structure. I liked the classy interior decor, and service was quite good. It was my husband’s type of place, so I brought to the restaurant for brunch during the weekend when he was in Seoul.

Sure enough, he liked it.



How was the food? It was alright.  I would like to visit the restaurant again on my next trip to Seoul, if time permits.

After brunch, we took a walk around the beautiful Dosan Park, located next to the restaurant.

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