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I have never been very much of a milk drinker. I like having milk in my coffee and cereal, but I am not crazy about drinking it straight from a glass. Compared to cow’s milk, I prefer piping hot soybean milk, especially when it comes with dough fritters.

When I did the 3-day detox juicing program by Sana Cleanse some months back, I loved the nut milk that was part of the program. It was the only drink that I craved for way after the detox program ended. Ever since, I have been keen to make my own nut milk.

I did some research online and discovered that nut milk is actually quite easy to make at home. All I needed was raw almonds, a blender and a cheese cloth. I bought a packet of raw almonds from an organic store some weeks back and finally made myself some nut milk.

I am ecstatic that my nut milk experiment turned out quite well.  The nut milk is creamy, refreshing and downright tasty.  I am gonna drink this straight, or use it to make banana smoothies.


1 cup raw almonds, preferably organic
3 cups of water
Pinch of ground cinnamon
1 tbsp of raw honey, preferably organic
Pinch of sea salt


Soak the raw almonds in 2 cups of water for at least 4 hours or up to 2 days.  As I live in a humid country, I soaked my almonds in the fridge.  The first time I did this, I left the bowl of soaked almonds out in the open, and after a day, the almonds were spoilt and I had to throw them away.  Such a waste!

Using a blender, blend the raw almonds with 3 cups of water, or you could you use the water which was used to soak the almonds in, until you get a white, creamy milk.  I wish I had a Vitamix…!

Strain the milk using a cheese cloth.  I used a cloth bag that is made for straining coconut milk.  If you like more texture in your milk, add some of the almond pulp to the milk.  I poured the milk that has been strained into the blender, added the honey and cinnamon and blended the mixture for another 30 secs.

Keep refrigerated and consume within 2 days.

I am trying to make a nut milk that is as tasty as the one by Sana Cleanse.  They used cashew nuts, medjool dates, coconut, ground cinnamon and vanilla.  I will try this combination soon.


Almond Milk with Ground Cinnamon and Honey
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