Despite having eaten bowls and bowls of ramen in Tokyo, I still have a craving for more ramen after coming back to Singapore.

Last week, I went to try this new place called Tonkotsu King located at the ground floor of Orchid Hotel, which is opposite the Tanjong Pagar Food Centre.

As its name suggests, Tonkotsu King sells Hakata-style pork broth ramen which I love to bits, as I cannot stop saying so. I thought that if it turned out to be good, I could get my regular tonkotsu fix at a place that is close to the offices of TBH and myself (though not for long).

I ordered the original all-in version which came with the following toppings – an egg, two slices of pork, black fungus and a gigantic piece of seaweed. On the table was a container of spicy beansprouts which customers could help themselves to.

I thought the broth was not bad. Robust, creamy-rich tasting without being salty. But it is still nowhere half as good as the one that we ate in Tokyo. Not enough OOOMPH.

What was off-putting about the ramen is the globules of artery-clotting fat floating in the broth. Seeing those fat globules greatly reduced my pleasure of drinking the broth.

I might return for another bowl whenever I get my tonkotsu cravings.

Tonkotsu King: A New Hakata Ramen Restaurant
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