^ 東京ばななをたべるのが大好きです! とても美味しい。東京へ行った時に、東京が一つの箱をかったんです。友達も東京へ行く時に、私に一つの箱を買ってくれます。

Tokyo Banana! It is very delicious. (Well, only if you like sponge cake and banana custard…)

They have quite a few variations of the Tokyo Banana but my favourite is the original version, which is just sponge cake filled with banana custard.

During my recent trip, I bought a box of 8 pieces and am still slowing savouring them. They come individually wrapped in the box and make great souvenirs especially when they are easily available at the train stations and airports.

During my first trip to Tokyo a decade ago, a friend had asked me to get her a box of Tokyo Banana without explaining that it was a Japanese snack. It is very famous in Japan but clearly, its fame had not yet reached me.

I thought it was a fruit. Bananas specially grown in Japan. I went on a wild goose chase hunting for bananas in the Japanese supermarkets until I discovered my folly while browsing in a Japanese snack shop in one of the main Tokyo train stations.

Tokyo Banana tastes especially good with hot coffee.


Me And My Tokyo Banana
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