photo photo1-140819-v2__zps4853ae17.jpgI have just gone back to work after a 8.5 months break. Having led an easy and carefree life for many months, I am facing some adjustment issues of being back working in the fast-paced CBD.  I am just not used to the crowds and noise at peak hours and during the lunch hour.  

Last week, I was stressed out trying to find a place to eat lunch.  There were long queues everywhere, and I hate wasting my time queuing for food.  

So this week, I decided to bring my own lunch to work.  I eat my lunch on one of the floors in my office which offers a gorgeous view of the Marina Bay Promontory.  It is so calming to eat a quiet lunch by myself, and enjoy a much needed respite from the hectic work day.  This will be a great spot to watch the fireworks display during National Day and New Year’s Eve.

 photo photo2-140819-v2__zpsdefb1f18.jpgAfter experimenting with several bentos for my husband to take to work during my break from work, I am finally making one for myself to take to work.  

My Gorgeous Lunch Time View
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