Today is Nutella Day.

Two ladies came up with World Nutella Day five years ago where chocolate hazelnut spread lovers are invited to celebrate World Nutella Day by submitting something relating to Nutella – be it a photo of them eating Nutella, a new recipe involving Nutella, a Nutella party, etc.

I was addicted to Nutella when I was in school. Then I went cold turkey for a good many years after I got married and started eating breakfast outside.

Eversince I stopped working, I became re-addicted to Nutella. I eat it everyday with a slice of bread. The taste of this chocolate hazelnut concoction is just SO GOOD. It is such comfort food to have. I never get sick of it.

My husband is the antithesis of me in almost everything. Not surprisingly, he dislikes Nutella and prefers peanut butter.

I thought about writing a Nutella haiku and submitting it to the World Nutella Day website. But my mind wouldn’t cooperate. So the thought remained as what it is – just a thought.


Happy Nutella Day

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