*moans….* I miss drinking this brand of banana-flavoured milk from Korea. I didn’t realise the Koreans were big on banana milk.

If I find this milk in Singapore, I’m going to stock my fridge with many, many, many bottles…!

I have loved drinking banana milk since I was a kid in primary school when we had to drink a carton of milk everyday. We got a different flavour everyday – chocolate, strawberry, plain, vanilla. I remember looking forward to Friday because that was the day we were given banana-flavored milk. (Anyway, I love all things banana….)

So every week, I traded my chocolate milk, strawberry milk and vanilla milk for my classmates’ banana-flavoured milk. I couldn’t understand why no-one seemed to like the delicious banana-flavoured milk.

It has a been a long while since I drank banana-flavoured milk.  Except for HL, I don’t see any banana-flavoured milk in the supermarket.  I guess it isn’t popular because Singaporeans seem to favour strawberry and chocolate milk.  Some time back, I tried HL’s banana-flavoured milk but I didn’t like it. Too bad. It just didn’t taste right. There wasn’t enough banana flavour in the milk.

Binggrae Banana Milk
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