“I turn ONE on the 22nd which is next Wednesday….!”

We had a gathering at my in-law’s place for an advance celebration of our niece’s birthday next week.  It was a low key event because my in-laws didn’t think that it was necessary to invite the entire family clan for a party.  Thank goodness.

It was a nightmare trying to get her to take a photo with the cake because she kept pulling the dolly underneath the cake towards her, which nearly sent the cake flying in her face.  I was glad that my mother-in-law bought a normal sponge cake with a fruit topping from the neighbourhood bakery instead of the colourful, fondant-heavy, cartoon-themed cakes that are so popular at birthday parties for kids these days.

The little imp can sit up but for some reason, can’t yet crawl.  So she moves around on her butt.  The two words that she can say are “mum-mum” and  “ball”.  She likes to eat and is fed all sorts of food, including laksa, just to keep her quiet.

She looks so much like her maternal grandmother (my mother-in-law) in this photo.

A Replica Of Granny
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