Whenever TBH and I have had a tough week at work, we tend to avoid doing anything during the weekends. I just want to hide at home, hug my pillow and do nothing apart from surfing the Internet, watching dramas online, and sleeping. I feel like I have to do absolutely nothing in order to regain all the personal time that has been “lost” to work. Nothing wrong with chilling out at home, except that I find myself repeating this non-activity lifestyle weekend after weekend, for one or two months.

I always have to remind myself that weekends are precious given that we only have 52 of them every year, and they should be spent with family, friends and doing things that we enjoy. Some weekends, I simply force myself to leave the house.


Today is one of those ‘kick-my-ass-out-of-the-door’ weekend. We went out for brunch with a friend today, at Group Therapy Cafe, located on the second floor of a shophouse in Duxton Hill.

Interesting name to call a cafe. Sounds like a place run by shrinks. 🙂 Quite a nice place to hang out at, though food isn’t that great.


My friend’s order or banana walnut buckwheat pancakes, topped with strawberries, granola (I think) and maple syrup.



Creamy scrambled eggs and smoked salmon on toast, and a flat white for me!


TBH’s crab tart with the initials of the cafe imprinted on the pastry. The crab and pastry combination didn’t go down very well with all three of us. We thought it tasted a little odd.

I don’t think I will go back for brunch again, but wouldn’t mind dropping by for coffee if I am in the vicinity.

Brunch at Group Therapy Cafe
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