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Pistachios are my favorite type of nuts.  I am also crazy about pistachio ice cream, especially the one from Creamier.  The flavour is so rich and yummy, I could eat a tub of it on my own.  Their ice cream is great.

I also like eating the waffles made by Creamier.  They have a good batter recipe. A plate of waffles topped with two generous scoops of ice cream – roasted pistachio and the other flavour would depend on who I am with – is enough to chase any blues away.    

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A couple of weekends ago, we had roasted pistachio and butterscotch almond at Creamier.  Satiated from ice cream and waffles, I could not resist buying a tub of the popular Madagascar Vanilla flavour.   I could make affogato with it.  This is such a simple dessert to make at home: pour an expresso shot over several scoops of vanilla ice cream.  For a boozy version, add bourbon or Frangelico.   We had affogato at home several times in the last two weeks.  


Affogato With Ice Cream From Creamier
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