A couple of weekends ago, we went to Relish at Cluny Court for dinner.  I like the casual, laid-back ambience of the place, friendly service, decent burgers and the delicious strawberry milkshake.  (And the convenience of doing my grocery shopping in the Cold Storage on the ground floor after dinner.)

After dinner, we adjourned to 3.Inch.Sin, a small, cosy cafe  located on the same floor as Relish which sells molten chocolate cakes.  I heard about the place through a friend and she thought the chocolate cakes were pretty good.  I am not usually a fan of chocolate desserts but the molten chocolate cake with its warm and gooey center, is an exception.

I ordered a standard 3-inch wide hazelnut molten chocolate cake (hence the name) with a scoop of vanilla bean ice-cream while the husband ordered the mini cake platter in 3 flavours – he chose the original, bitter orange and hazelnut. 


Our cakes arrived slightly less than 10 minutes after we placed our order, freshly baked and piping hot. I really liked my hazelnut molten cake and thought it was very good.  I am not going to delve into why I thought it was very good.  It just tasted very good.   

But I have to add that I regretted ordering the vanilla bean ice-cream. It didn’t quite complement the chocolate cake.  I used to love vanilla bean ice-cream with molten chocolate cakes but lately, the combination of the ice-cream and chocolate simply overwhelms my tastebuds and makes me feel slightly ill.  Might be something to do with age, or my palate, or the ice-cream.

I also snitched some of the husband’s bitter-orange cake. While the slight bitterness of the orange flavour cuts through the sweetness of the chocolate, providing a well-balanced taste, it wasn’t really my cup of tea.  I liked the original flavour too.

I definitely want to visit the cafe again.

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