Haemul Pajeon
Haemul Pajeon (‘haemul’ – seafood; ‘pajeon’ – pancake)

The haemul pajeon served by Red Pig, a Korean eatery at Amoy St run by two Korean ahjummas, is by far the tastiest that I’ve eaten in Singapore.

The pajeon is very crispy on the outside and the insides filled with generous portions of scallions and squid.  Quite a number of other places which I have tried are too generous with the batter and too stingy with ingredients, so I end up feeling as though I am eating half-cooked batter and hardly anything else.

I also like Red Pig’s kimchi jigae which is more sour than what we are used to.

Apart from the pajeon and kimchi jigae, I think I keep going back to Red Pig because the eatery’s atmosphere is reminiscent of eating in Seoul.

Seafood Pancake
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