^ Taken with the Lumix GF2.

I have been terribly remiss in writing posts on this blog in the past month or so. Because I have been too busy overdosing on a myriad of distractions.

Mangas. Animes. Korean dramas. Japanese dramas. Korean-boys-shipping! 本当に 嬉しいかったです。

I’ve been also been spending quite a bit of time everyday reading books, revising Japanese grammar, shopping for groceries, making home-cooked meals and playing chauffeur to Mr T.

One of my favourite things to cook these days is meesua soup. With lots of vegetables, an egg, shredded chicken meat topped with fried shallots and spring onions. I make the stock with water, chicken bones and sweet corn. After the stock has been cooked, I remove the kernels from the cob and snack on them. Corn, to me, is a comfort food.

I’ve always loved eating corn since I was young. Before I entered primary school, I was looked after by my maternal grandparents. My parents picked me up from my grandparents home after work everyday. Several times a week, my parents would stop at the hawker centre near our home for dessert. I would be allowed by my mother to eat a bowl of ice-kachang all by myself. It was such a treat that made me really happy.

My favourite ingredient in the ice-kachang was corn. But I would not eat it there and then. I picked out all the corn kernels, wrapped them in a tissue paper and bring the little package home. I would then pop a kernel into my mouth, savouring it slowly, while doing dreaded homework or after I had been punished by my mother for some wrongdoing. Which was pretty often.

So whenever I got a whacking, I looked to my secret stash of corn kernels for comfort.

Corn Off The Cob
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