We just didn’t feel like eating the same food for lunch on Sunday.

I made this for him.


Capellini with prawns. (Love capellini because it tastes like beehoon!)

And this was what he cooked for me.


Cooking instant noodles is basically his entire repertoire in the kitchen. I am not sure if he can even fry an egg.

But I must say that he makes pretty good instant noodles. LOL.

He adds just enough water for a tasty soup (I always use too much water and the soup ends up being tasteless), noodles are cooked al dente (but I usually let the noodles seep in the soup for a while because I like them soggy) and the egg is nicely scrambled in the soup.  (Is ‘scrambled’ the right way to describe how the egg is being cooked in the pot?)  Mine tends to coagulate at the bottom of the pot and looks a total mess. 

A pot of Nongshim ramyun, a small serving of kimchi and I drank all the soup (yeah, going to lose my hair in no time…). I was a happy woman with a full tummy.

How did his lunch go? Well, the pasta I made was too salty! Poor chap.

Our East-Meets-West Sunday Lunch

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