Melaka is all about eating.  We think about what to eat every second, every minute, every hour when we are there.

After a big dinner and in anticipation of an even bigger lunch, we decided to have something really light and soupy for breakfast.  Following a recommendation on a Malaysian blog for kway teow mee soup led us to this place…which turns out to be someone’s front porch!

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This place doesn’t seem to have a name.  The blog gave us a pair of GPS coordinates which we punched into the Garmin, and that’s how we ended up there.  By the looks of the place – one simple stall, several makeshift tables and plastic chairs, I could tell that the kway teow mee soup was going to be smashing-ly good.  🙂  

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I am not a fan of kway teow mee soup.  I like my kway teow mee to be dry and spicy, with a bowl of soup on the side.  And I don’t like the yellow mee that is sold in Singapore – these noodles have a ammonia odour and leaves an unpleasant aftertaste in my mouth.

But the kway teow mee soup served in this nameless stall is SO GOOD, I polished off everything in the bowl.  The kway teow was very smooth, the noodles seem to have been made by hand ‘cos it doesn’t have the usually unpleasant taste associated with such noodles but tastes somewhat like soba, and the broth was sweet and tasty.  I could tell that it was made from chicken bones and there wasn’t any MSG added to it.  I love the fresh pork balls, rolled by hand  given the uneven shape of each pork ball.   This stall also added crunchy fried prawn fritters to the dish which gave the flavors an added oooomph.

Melaka photo Melaka-IMG_0100-130818_zpsdb6a09b1.jpg

Love, love…LOVE this bowl of noodles! If only we had something like that in Singapore…such places where everything is made from scratch are almost extinct in Singapore.

Melaka photo Melaka-IMG_0099-130818_zps90e6e0a6.jpg

Noodle Soup Stall
Jalan Tenkera
(opposite BAM and Wesley Church)
GPS Coordinates: N 2 12.148 E 102 14.162

Melaka: Nameless Kway Teow Mee Soup
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