Whenever I need motivation to spring clean my house, I invite friends over for dinner.   🙂

Due to Hari Raya Puasa and National Day falling on Thursday and Friday respectively, it was a 4-day long weekend in Singapore this week.  (It’s going to be insanely difficult to crank up the engine to start work next week after this break.)  I took the opportunity of the long weekend to invite some close colleagues over for potluck and *lots of* drinks.  The good thing about holding such events in your house is that I can easily haul my inebriated self to bed, just several steps away.

Moscato.  Champagne.  Red wine.  Moscato.  In that order. 🙂  Drinks filled our bellies quite quickly.

National Day photo Noryangjin-IMG_9961-130809_zpsc13e0c96.jpg

Start of the pot luck.  Succulent pan-seared scallops tucked between buttered rolls!  Think lobster rolls, but with scallops instead.  This is a great idea to serve as a canapé.  I am gonna try making some myself soon.

 photo Noryangjin-IMG_9958-130809_zps90d8372c.jpg

Smoked salmon with sour cream and dill on blinis.

National Day photo Noryangjin-IMG_9975-130809_zps07262b73.jpg

Pork and chicken satay.  I loooove pork satay.

National Day photo Noryangjin-IMG_9978-130809_zps3b456cf0.jpg

Damn good century egg from a one Michelin star Chinese restaurants in Hong Kong.

National Day photo Noryangjin-IMG_9982-130809_zpsbd12a9d2.jpg

Roasted Spanish pork loin ribs.  Oozing with fats and porky goodness.

 photo Noryangjin-IMG_9985-130809_zps3717a528.jpg

Chinese-style pasta with flank steak, red peppers and an oyster sauce gravy.  This is really yummy!

National Day photo Noryangjin-1002904_10151553579741444_137601067_n-130811_zps0c5c9e63.jpg

Platter of cold cuts, cheeses, fruit, nachos tangy onion-and-tomato dips, and an assortment of spreads from Little Provence.  After eating jamon Iberico, I find prosciutto kind of tasteless. 🙁

National Day photo Noryangjin-IMG_9959-130809_zpse81dda7f.jpg

We hate cute mini Cornettos for desserts.  As usual, there was waaaaay too much food.

It was a tiring day but we had fun.  When work gets overwhelming, all we want to do is to hide at home and do nothing all weekend.  Once in a while, it is nice to get some friends over and enjoy good company.  A little tiring to clean up the house for the guests but it’s worth the effort! 🙂  I have already scheduled the next massive clean up exercise to take place in September, for another group of old friends.


Happy Birthday Singapore Potluck

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