I ate gochu pajeon (or Korean chili pancake) at a Korean restaurant called Todamgol located along Tanjong Pagar Road. It was delicious! The batter was very light and the chili was crunchy. I don’t know why this dish is called a pancake ‘coz it isn’t a pancake, at least, not the way I know it to be. I was expecting lots of chili encased in a huge piece of fried batter. This looks like ‘chili tempura’.

What made me really happy about eating at Todamgol is the larger selection of makgeolli (as compared to other Korean joints) AND it sells Hwayo soju! Many Korean joints in Singapore sell makgeolli but carry mostly one brand AND they do not sell Hwayo soju.

So, I bought a bottle of Hwayo soju for the husband who looks away whenever I suggest eating/drinking anything Korean, but for some strange reason, he likes this brand of soju. 🙂

Peekture: Gochu Pajeon
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