I am in one of those strange moods when I feel a strong urge to declutter. So I’ve thrown out half the books sitting on my bookshelves. Mostly novels.

These are books which have been with me for the last 10 to 15 years. Books which I have devoted time and energy (not to say money) to collecting. Books which I never thought would leave my bookshelves because I enjoyed reading and re-reading them so much. But sadly, no longer interest me now. But I have could never bear to give them away because they represented the swinging twenties of my life.

Throwing out these books away is a big thing for me. It feels like I’m moving on to another phase in my life.

Okay, I didn’t exactly throw the books into the rubbish chute. What I did was to deposit them with Bookcross at the library. It took me several trips to the library just to do so.

How is it that reading tastes change? Maybe it has to do with age.

I feel good now. 🙂

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