A good friend of ours is getting married next Saturday and we have been roped in to assist on the wedding day. I cannot remember when was the last time I helped out at a wedding – waking up early in the morning, going to the bride’s house, helping the bride get ready, teasing the groom and his entourage at the gate. The last time I did this was probably 10 years ago.

DSC_0036^ The mang-chang groom grinning away.

This time, TBH and I are helping the groom. I am soooooo looking forward to seeing my husband and his guy friends take on the challenges given by the bridesmaid. 🙂 A bunch of middle-aged men dancing to the Wondergirls’ Nobody is gonna be absolutely spectacular.  I have to help him practise the moves at home. 🙂

The couple and us helpers met up today at Canopy Garden Dining, a restaurant tucked away in  Bishan Park, for brunch and a pre-wedding briefing.  Gosh, was the wedding day such a complicated affair?  There are so many tasks for us to carry out.   And I have been tasked to be the Chinese MC.  I think my friend has got serious issues with judgement. Or he is probably very desperate to find someone.  *sigh* I just hope I don’t mis-pronounce his name, or the bride’s name, or worse, their parents’ names, on stage.

While the guys were chattering away about what food to order, I got a bit restless, so I walked around the compound and snapped some random photos of Canopy and its surroundings.




We were supposed to be eating at Canopy but there was a problem with the reservations and there was no table reserved for our group. They sat us in their vegetarian cafe located in the same compound, but we could order from the non-vegetarian menu.



I have been to Canopy three times now. The food is not great and prices are not that cheap but  it is a relaxing place to hang out at.  I like that it is quiet, a bit rustic, has lots of foliage and customers are free to bring their pets into the compound.

Brunch At Canopy Garden Dining@Bishan Park
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