I cannot decide if I like bak chor mee (with a bigger serving of pig’s liver and additional vinegar) or mee pok tah better. 

When I was in college (again…!), I used to go to this kopitiam called Soy Eu Tua located at the corner or Jalan Tua Kong and East Coast Road to eat the famous mee pok tah which always had a long queue. 

It was dreadful waiting in that hot and humid kopitiam for my bowl of noodles and by the time it arrived, I would be perspiring profusely, with sweat streaks showing up on my uniform. Pretty awful.

Nowadays, we frequent this shop called Jln Tua Kong Lau Lim at Simpang Bedok which makes very good fishball noodles.  There is/was a relationship between these guys and the ones at the former Soy Eu Tua stall, which I can’t quite seem to grasp.  I think the Simpang Bedok guy is the disciple/helper of the guy who ran the Soy Eu Tua stall.  Mu-lah!

I have lost my taste for mee pok and these days, like to have my bowl of noodles with kway teow tah with chili. 

What do I like about the noodles?  Donch know.  I can only say that the noodles are tossed in a very delicious chilli sauce and contain a generous portion of crunchy beansprouts.   

Looking forward to breakfasting on kway teow noodles this weekend!  A bowl of noodles on a Sunday morning with a cup of teh and the newspapers or a magazine.  Lovely.

A Bowl Of Kway Teow Tah

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