When we arrived at Ibu Oka (the second outlet, not the main one), we were half-expecting to see a crowd and a long queue. 

What we did not expect was to be greeted by the number of CUTE chicks darting around the main driveway.  They had been dyed in a variety of bright colours like vermillion, yellow, green, turquoise and fushia pink.  I couldn’t catch hold of one in my hands – they were simply too fast. 


In addition to the colourful chicks, the eatery also keeps a puppy, two tiny kittens, rabbits, chickens, hamsters and dogs.  The two tiny kittens shared a cage with the puppy and all three were happily playing with each other in the cage.

It was feeding time when we arrived and we crowded around the cage to watch the kittens being fed milk from a straw by one of the staff (or owners) while the chicks and chickens were feeding from a plate of rice grains.


I mentioned that there are many birds in the Chedi Club and some are kept in cages.  This particular white bird (a pigeon, I think) will continuously coo and bow at you when you stand in front of it.  Like a mechanical wind-up bird! 

And when we walk around the cage, it will follow us inside the cage and at the same time, coo and bow at us continuously, all the while looking at us solemnly.  I wonder how the bird was trained to do this.

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