I decided to tweak the look of this blog a little, by giving it a 2-column look instead of the previous 3-column. I wanted a wider space so that I need not spend time resizing my photographs, especially the landscape format ones, to make them fit a narrower column. Photos also look better when they are larger in size.

After we left the Grand Hotel in Nuwara Eliya, we drove down the tea country and headed to a tea plantation known as Mackwoods.  It is a beautiful property with a great view of the hills.

 photo 8a3b6461-95cb-4795-952f-f7d6ea2328ba_zps39355e7f.jpg

Zooming into the hills through the viewfinder of my camera, I can see the workers in the tea plantation removing each tea leaf by hand. It is a very manual and laborious process, and undertaken only by females. See the huge bags that are attached to their backs.

 photo 0bf05344-47ca-4678-a95d-5b7ed2555982_zps25ff777b.jpg

 photo DSC_0005_zpsd8ddc59e.jpg

The closest I could get with my lens.

 photo b00440db-e7e1-4799-a57d-6bb3d48ba7a2_zpsdf2a3709.jpg

 photo 628b8ea0-9cee-4526-867c-d22bfde43605_zps7a4b449c.jpg

The tea room where all guests are brought to for their complimentary pot of tea.

 photo bc504ba5-4f5e-4a92-a4bd-066f026db9a8_zpsdb5df941.jpg

 photo DSC_0044_zps8043e746.jpg

 photo de42276a-d2bf-465c-9246-935e5bcf6004_zps31136d11.jpg

We sat down and drank a pot of tea. Orange Pekoe.  Though I am not much of a tea-drinker , this tea was delicious.  Fragrant with a slightly fruity tang to it.

 photo 0935af4b-a9cb-487e-993e-02a52dd76b42_zpsefd979d3.jpg

After tea, we were brought on a short tour of the factory.  I didn’t take photos during the tour – it was too difficult to multi-task, taking photos and listening to what the guide had to say about the tea-making process.

We bought lots of tea to bring home as souvenirs, including two boxes of the Queen’s Jubilee tea. Souvenirs – checked.

 photo b0bba561-9a00-4cef-abad-3698f6f52c01_zpsbc8259d0.jpg

 photo 98753061-344a-48cb-bc6e-bd270ac35955_zps8aa18f9d.jpg

Sri Lanka: Tea Country
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