I have been having regular cravings for kimchi jigae eversince I watched the movie Le Grand Chef: The Battle of the Kimchi.  Yawn.  I thought this movie is nowhere as good as the previous one, in terms of storyline, casting and acting.  But the kimchi gastro-porn was good.

Everytime I crave for kimchi jigae, I head out to Red Pig for a quick-fix during lunch.  As I have some kimchi from K sitting in my fridge, I decided to make kimchi jigae for lunch. 

The kimchi was so yummy I snitched half of it from the bottle before I even started on making the stew.  The taste is very well-balanced – not too spicy or too sour, and it isn’t strong smelling like the ones sold in the supermarkets.  I really can’t eat those.

Just so that TBH wouldn’t give me the ‘You’re feeding me poison’ look, I used quite alot more stock in the stew than I would ordinarily prefer so as to dilute the taste of the kimchi.  What a pity!

Lub Kimchi Jigae
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