photo DSC_0180-140323-v2__zps9516208f.jpgThe Sanjusangendo temple.

It is famous for housing a very large statue of the Goddess of Mercy surrounded by 1,000 smaller, but nearly life-sized, statues of Goddess of Mercy (bringing the total number of statues to be 1,001). The main hall of the temple is a very long wooden structure and its name literally means ‘a hall with thirty-three spaces between the columns’.   When visiting the main hall, visitors have to take off their shoes and change into indoor slippers provided by the temple.

 photo DSC_0164-140323-v2__zpsd07f43f5.jpg photo DSC_0185-140323-v2__zps8cf5a003.jpgThe view of the statues in the main hall is very impressive.  Pity photography is not allowed in the main hall.

 photo DSC_0157-140323-v2__zpscb395206.jpg photo DSC_0162-140323-v2__zps9f34923f.jpg photo DSC_0169-140323-v2__zps37c230bd.jpgThe picturesque temple grounds were accentuated by cherry blossom trees in full bloom.

 photo DSC_0168-140323-v2__zps13297478.jpg photo DSC_0177-140323-v2__zpsb8c14bba.jpg photo DSC_0173-140323-v2__zps887d4d8e.jpg photo DSC_0179-140323-v2__zpsaad84b60.jpg photo DSC_0199-140323-v2__zps4496fc63.jpgHaving finally been to the Sanjusangendo, I feel that it should be a compulsory stop in anyone’s Kyoto itinerary.  You will be blown away by the sight of the statues.

Kyoto: Sanjusangendo
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