I tried a new recipe today. It is a chicken agrodolce recipe from last month’s Gourmet magazine.

This is a Sicilian dish, which uses ingredients such as sultanas, pine nuts, vinegar and sugar, and has flavours that are a combination of sour and sweet, as one can tell from its name. In Italian, “Agro” is sour and “dolce” is sweet.

I seared the chicken in a pan to retain its juices; sauted chopped garlic, onions and red chilli, diced carrots and celery with some saffron, almonds, sultanas, thyme and parsley; and made the sauce by reducing white wine vinegar, chicken stock and verjuice together. I placed the chicken in a roasting pan, added the sauce and sauted vegetables to it and left everything in the oven for 35 minutes.

The flavours of this dish are intensely tart AND sweet. Compared to this, I definitely prefer the hearty tomato-based Italian dishes.

Chicken Agrodolce

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