Suncheon Bay photo DSC_0895-1-101120-v2__zps376a87f1.jpgSuncheon Bay is an ecological wetland comprising a long stream, a wide tideland and wide fields of reeds.  It is the habitat of migratory birds, plants and animals.  I knew I wanted to visit this place when I first read about it.

I stayed 3D2N in downtown Suncheon, just enough time for me to visit the Songgwangsa Temple, Suncheon Bay, the Seonamsa Temple, and the Suncheon Open Film Set before taking the bus back to Seoul.  Most of the city buses heading to the attractions in Suncheon leave from the city centre, in front or close to the train station.  Suncheon Bay is about 20 minutes away by the city bus which stops just across the road from the entrance of the park, and entry to the park is free.

Suncheon Bay photo DSC_0764-1-101120-v2__zpsf12eecb9.jpg photo DSC_0770-1-101120-v2__zps9aed66fe.jpgI fell in love with this park the minute I stepped foot into the sprawling park. It was late autumn and the park was bathed in a sea of golden reeds.

Suncheon Bay photo DSC_0409-3-101130-v2__zps057085d5.jpgSuncheon Bay photo DSC_0772-101120-v2__zpsc7c3ecb5.jpgI felt so good and relaxed walking around in the park. My husband would love this place.

Suncheon Bay photo DSC_0769-1-101120-v2__zps0824808d.jpg photo DSC_0811-1-101120-v2__zps318f7fb8.jpgFollow the signages and they will lead you to a wooden platform that cuts through the reed beds.  Most people were heading towards Yongsan in the background, where a short one-hour hike would bring you to an observatory at the top of the hill which would give you a bird’s eye view of the bay.

Suncheon Bay photo DSC_0807-1-101120-v2__zps62d71537.jpgThrongs of people strolling through the marshes on a Saturday morning, with acres of tall, towering reeds on both sides.

Korea photo DSC_0846-101120-v2__zps8f334ee9.jpgOh hello! That’s me. photo DSC_0820-1-101120-v2__zps4d82b084.jpgSuncheon Bay photo DSC_0854-1-101120-v2__zpsbbd9d601.jpgTime to take a toilet break at the end of the platform walk before I start moving uphill.  It seems silly to take photos of a lavatory but the ones in the Korean parks usually come in a pretty package – beautiful and/or quirky architecture.   I always look out for interesting lavatories in Korea and I have compiled some photos of these here.

I like the cabin-style design of this lavatory, with sloping roofs that resemble the Joseon dynasty style thatched huts inhabited by the ordinary folk.

Suncheon Bay photo DSC_0858-1-101120-v2__zpsf3b3b398.jpgCrossing the rickety bridge to Yongsan where I began a hike uphill, where certain sections of the path being quite steep.  I hate hiking uphill, especially when I see elderly folk moving faster than me, and with relative ease.

Suncheon Bay photo DSC_0530-3-101130-v2__zps1f6edebd.jpgI puffed and panted my way up to hiking trail to the Yongsan Observatory and was rewarded with a paranomic view of the S-shaped bay and reeds.  You could get a closer look at the scenery using one of the many telescopes provided by the ecological park.

Suncheon Bay photo DSC_08942-101120-v2__zps3934e6ea.jpgI also took the boat ride (which you have to pay for)  which brings you around the bay.  It is not very expensive and a lovely experience, ‘cos you get to see migratory birds up close, even more so if you have a pair of binoculars with you.  I didn’t bring along a pair but I had with me my 18-200mm Nikon lens, which I zoomed out to get a better look of the birds.  Not just migratory birds, but lots of mud crabs.

Suncheon Bay photo DSC_0755-3-101130-v2__zps0ef97856.jpgSuncheon Bay photo DSC_0645-3-101130-v2__zps2c93c36a.jpgSuncheon Bay photo DSC_0642-3-101130-v2__zps3760c5b3.jpgSuncheon Bay photo DSC_0726-3-101130-v2__zps7ad8a212.jpg If you are planning a road trip around South Korea, or heading down south, Suncheon Bay is a stop that one must make.

Suncheon Bay photo DSC_0755-1-101120-v2__zpsd6c717a0.jpgAt the end of the day, I treated myself to luscious Korean persimmons that were lining the streets in cartons.  Super sweet and very affordable.

Korea: Suncheon Bay In South Jeolla
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2 thoughts on “Korea: Suncheon Bay In South Jeolla

  • Jan 30, 2017 at 7:17 pm

    Hello! I’m not too sure if you might read this, but I would like to ask.
    I’m thinking of heading down to Suncheon for a day trip in my itinerary.
    The second train reaches at 9:50am from Seoul.
    Do you think my friend and I can explore both Songgwangsa Temple and Suncheon Bay Garden and Wetlands in a day?

  • Feb 1, 2017 at 10:15 pm

    Hi YT

    It is not impossible to visit both places in one day but it would be quite a rush and you will have to time the traveling time right. The bus ride from Suncheon train station to Suncheon Bay is less than 30 mins each way (but you will have to check the frequency) and assuming you spend 2 hours at the wetlands, you have to make it back to the train station by 2pm to catch the bus to Songgwangsa (which I recall runs once every hour). The ride to Songgwangsa is about an hour long and the scenery on the way down the mountain at sun-set is pretty amazing. I think the last bus from Songgwangsa is about 6pm and if you miss the bus, you might be stuck up there in the mountain! And if you change your mind and decide to extend your stay in Suncheon by another day, I recommend visiting the film set too.

    Hope this helps!

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