The weekend before I left for Seoul, we went to the gourmet carnival, Savour, held at the F1 Pit. You buy a ticket and it comes with a bunch of Savour dollars that can be used to pay for food at stalls helmed by the participating restaurants, which includes a number of high-end ones like Gunther and Garibaldi. On top of the Savour dollars that came with your entry ticket, more Savour dollars could be purchased at the ticket booth.




This sort of gourmet carnival is not something that we would typically pay money to attend, but since we were given free tickets by a friend, there wasn’t any harm in checking it out. But the carnival turned out to be an EPIC FAIL.

DSC_0543 ^ Alain Passard’s signature L’Arpege eggs.  These poached egg yolks topped with creme fraiche are raved about in the gourmet food space but I didn’t like the taste at all.  They were probably overcooked in the heat.


DSC_0569-001 ^ I cannot recall which famous restaurants the above plates of food came from ‘cos they were fairly mediocre.

DSC_0555 ^ Gunther’s cold angel hair pasta topped with osteria caviar was the only REALLY good thing that we ate at the carnival. We spoke to him and he thought the outdoor concept was an insane one as well.

DSC_0564-001 ^ Cocktails in a paper cup. 🙂 Very refreshing and tasty but still…in a paper cup. The drink wasn’t even served in a plastic cocktail cup.


It was a very silly idea to hold a gourmet carnival outdoors, because the weather was incredibly hot and humid. I don’t know what was going on in the minds of the organisers when they decided on an outdoor concept. It is absolute stupidity. How can anyone have fun tasting gourmet food sweating copiously, with the sun burning a hole in your backs. Basically, this entire event could be summed up as ‘Eat-atas-food-on-paper-plates-while-sweating-like-a-pig’.

I would have expected the organisers to hold this event indoors with air-conditioning. Afterall, the prices charged for a plate of food at each stall are close to what you pay in the restaurants. But one gets service, ambience and comfort in the restaurants.

I am definitely not going to Savour 2013.  Airconditioning, or not.

Savour 2012
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