My 5-week trip around South Korea happened in November 2010, more than one year ago.  I have been remiss in putting up posts of the trip.

*Procrastinate, procrastinating, procrastinated* 

I feel it is a little too late now to write a long-winded story about the entire trip on this blog.  I have decided to put up selected photos of each place that I visited and write a ‘postcard message’ for each photo. So that I don’t forget where I went, what I saw, who I met and what I ate during that trip. 

Maybe I should write the message Twitter-style – no more than 140 characters per message!

 * Picture from VisitKorea’s website.  My route is marked out in blue and red:

Seoul > Gangwon-do > Jeju-do > Jeollabuk-do > Jeollanam-do > Gyeongsangbuk-do > Seoul


Postcard From Korea
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