The minute I read about this manga Oishinbo on the book blog, In Spring It Is The Dawn, I knew I would love it.  Oishinbo is a long-running series in Japan – it has been around since 1983 and there are currently 100 volumes in the series.  If I had taken my Japanese classes more seriously, I should be able to read the manga by now!

Oishinbo, about Japanese food, is a combination of two words: “oishii” which means “delicious”and “kuishinbo” which means “a person who loves food”.  

In 2009, a manga publishing company known as VizMedia decided to repackage parts of this manga and there are now 7 volumes  available in English.  Each volume integrates a specific type of Japanese food into the story.

IzakayaSakeSashimi.  Vegetables.  Ramen and gyoza.

A Japanese food-themed manga.  In English. 

So I went onto Book Depository and ordered all 7 volumes (safer for me to buy books online than to go to Kinokuniya – no temptation to go shopping).  I can’t wait for the books to arrive! 


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