On one very cold evening, we visited the nearly completed Floating Island complex on Hangang River. It is located on the southern end of the Banpo Bridge, that is, the side that is closer to Gangnam.

The Floating Island complex is huge.  It has three separate structures, housing a cultural centre housing a convention hall, restaurants and facilities for water and sporting events.



At night, the exterior of the complex is brightly lit up with multi-coloured light shows powered by solar panels. The view of the illuminated complex is very stunning against the night sky.

We were frozen stiff walking around the complex. Every part of my body hurt from the whipping cold wind. We tried to shield ourselves from the cold by hiding behind the pillars but it was impossible to do so because the complex is so open.

I would have liked to take photos of this complex from the Hangang River Park located directly opposite the complex.  But it was way too cold to do so and we were not dressed warm enough.


During warmer temperatures, it will be lovely to chill out on the bank of the Hangang with a can of beer, some chips, and admire the lightshows of the Floating River.

Seoul: Floating Island on Hangang
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