I love chiffon cakes. Bengawan Solo’s pandan chiffon cake is my favourite followed by Tampopo Deli’s cheese chiffon cake.

Eversince I ate the cheese chiffon cake last week, I can’t seem to get chiffon cakes out of my mind. So I decided to try baking one today. A plain vanilla cake, using the recipe from Keiko Ishida’s book. I’ve never made one before and have no idea how my first attempt is going to turn out.

Upon the recommendation of a friend, I bought Keiko Ishida’s recipe book. It contains gorgeous pictures of cakes, tarts, cookies, desserts – most of which are stuff that I love – and easy-to-follow recipes with a Japanese twist. Love the photography.

I would have bought her book just for its cover. A lovely picture of a black sesame chiffon cake. Black sesame. Check. Chiffon cake. Check.


I suppose the cake turned out fine. Just that it is a bit ‘ka-tek’ because my tube-pan is slightly bigger than the one recommended in the recipe. Some parts of the chiffon cake are not springy. Think that’s because I didn’t mix the meringue thoroughly with the egg yolk mixture. I saw streaks of white meringue here and there in the mixture when I poured it into the tube-pan.

Anyway, happy happy. Tried doing something new today.

I shall try the black sesame chiffon cake next.

Vanilla Chiffon Cake

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