Camelias, Ji Mei

How does one choose a good pot of camelias?  One that is more likely than not to bloom?

They always look so gorgeous at the nursery but nothing happens after I bring them home – basically, the buds drop off without blooming.  We have no idea how to handle these plants. 

Despite our numerous failures, I could not resist buying a pot this year because camelias are so beautiful (TBH disagrees – he thinks they are ugly things but this is coming from a man who thinks phallic-looking orchids are beauty personified) and I see them only during this time of the year. 

I examined many pots at the nursery (in doing so, slipped on an orange peel, nearly crashed headlong into the camelias and almost dropped the camera)….and had major difficulty selecting a pot. 

Firstly, I couldn’t decide on the type of bloom. 

Do I get the round-shaped blooms? Or the star-shaped ones?

Next, how to tell which is a healthy plant?  Practically every pot I saw had both healthy looking buds and yucky looking ones.

In the end, we picked a pot with many pretty blooms, which I know isn’t very clever. 

But we figured that we will at least get the pleasure of enjoying the lovely flowers now even if the rest of the buds fail to bloom.

Too Many Camelias, Which One

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